How To Make Google My Default Search Engine in Chrome?

Did you installed multiple browsers in your laptop or desktop or mobile device? You may know how to set up the default browser settings among all browsers. But do you know how to set up as your default search preference in your chrome browser?

If I ask you which browser you are using in your desktop or mobile phone to surf internet, then I am sure that many people will answer that it's Google chrome. But there are other popular browsers like Firefox, Safari etc which are also sometimes perform better than Google Chrome.

But whatever the browser it is, by default we want to set as our search engine. Or you may not know that you cab actually change the default website settings and provide a new website which can be your default search engine for Google chrome. In this article I will share you about this with a simple step by step guide below.

steps to make google my default search engine in chrome

What is Omnibox Search Engine?

Google chrome has a wonderful feature called omnibox search engine where you can set up which website you want to put as default search of your chrome. It's like you can change from to Bing, Yahoo or even websites like Amazon, Wikipedia etc. With this Omnibox, you can simply search any website using Google chrome without visiting the website.

Steps To Make Google My Default Search Engine in Chrome

If you have installed Google chrome for the first time, then you will find as your default browser. In case it has not set or someone has changed the same you have to follow the below steps to find out the settings to make this happen.

Step 1: Go To Settings option of Google Chrome browser, by clicking on the right side 3 dots.

Step 2: Scroll down a little bit and find out the search option. Click on Manage Search Engines button.

Step 3: You will find a screen like shared above where you will find many other websites are also listed. If Google is not selected as default, you just have to make it default.

That's it. Now open your chrome browser again and type something on the address bar, it will give you the search results as per your typed keyword from or your local Google domain. Hope you will find this simple tricks to make Google Chrome as default search engine.


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