How To Search A Keyword On Chrome Of Any Site Without Visiting

Do you know that Google chrome has an amazing feature with which one can easily set up a default search engine preference of any website and search that website without visiting to that website. In simple terms, let's say you want to find a product in Amazon website. In that case you have to visit Amazon site and then use their search option to find the product.

But, with Google chrome you don't need to visit to Amazon website. Just do some changes in Google chrome settings and set up Amazon as your default search engine in Google. You can find my previous article on how to set up Google chrome as default search engine in chrome. Here we will change the search engine from Google to Amazon and the explore the magic.

Steps To Search Keyword in Amazon website Using Google Chrome Browser, without going to Amazon site

Step 1: Just open Google chrome browser and click on the right side 3 dots option. It will open up various options and you have to select the settings one.

How To Make Google My Default Search Engine in Chrome?

Step 2: You can see my default search is set up as Google only. Now put the cursor on the above entry which is Amazon. You can add any other website here. Just follow the steps below to add a new website.

Step 3: Make the Amazon website default and enjoy the new search engine. Find out the screen shot I took after searching amazon website using Google chrome browser. I have searched for "best head phone under Rs 250" and the result is directly opened on website.

Steps To Search A Keyword On Chrome Of Any Site Without Visiting

How To Add A New Website in Google Chrome Search Engine?

On the manage search engine screen, you have to scroll down below to find out a screen like below. You can find that there are 3 input fields named like:
  • Add a new search engine
  • Keyword
  • URL with %s in place of query
tricks to add any website as search engine in google chrome

Now add your preferred website details here with the keyword and finally click on the done button. This is so simple, I hope you have enjoy reading this simple trick to make any website as Google chrome search engine. Thanks for following my website for more tips & tricks.

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