How To Drag Multiple Tabs At Once in Chrome

Have you ever tried to drag multiple tabs at one go with Google chrome? Ok, just think that there are couple of tabs opened in chrome and you want to separate few of them in a separate window. In that case if you don't know this trick you may close them and open in the in new chrome window one by one.
Steps To Drag Multiple Tabs At Once in Chrome

Otherwise you can also open all the tabs one by one and then drag them one by one into the target chrome tab. There is a simple trick or shortcut with which you can drag multiple tabs together and open them in a new chrome window. Let's follow this simple Google chrome tutorial.

Steps To Drag Multiple Tabs At Once in Chrome

Step 1: Open Google chrome and start opening your favorite websites one by one.

Step 2: Now select the first tab out of your couple of tabs you want to open separately.

Step 3: Hold Ctrl key of your keyboard

Step 4: Next click on the other tabs you want to drag or move and then release the Ctrl key.

Step 5: Now simply drag the tabs selected keeping your mouse clicked. It will simply open all the selected tabs in a new window automatically.

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