Genie9 Review: The Finest Backup Software You Will Find Today

Genie backup manager has been a long-established backup program that impressed a number of people with its well-chosen range of features, power and clarity. The Genie backup manager is a reliable, efficient fast and well-design application that can easily be used for backing up and restoring data.

Genie backup manager reviews


Geniebackup manager has an informative and elegant main menu, with response buttons that perform Disaster Recovery, backup and restore. The disaster recovery wizard is able to create an emergency recovery disk, which the user is able to boot when a disaster strikes.

The backup wizard is able to create and reuse backup jobs. You can create such jobs in an ease-to-use interface that lets you select a backup location either on an FTP location, with up-to-date support for secure file transfer or on a local disk including USB disks, network disks or optical disks.

You can backup items directly from your Windows “profile”, which also means that you are able to select documents from Outlook data files, registry data, windows settings, media files, document folders and much more. You may also choose some specific folders, disks or Windows specific location such as HomeGroup or Libraries.

Additional options also allows you to save backups in a ZIP format, with files readily accessible. One feature that is especially useful, allows you to create archives in form of .exe programs through which you can run them on computers that do not have the Genie backup manager installed.

This feature prepares you for the fact that you may not have your backup software readily available on a machine, when you urgently need to restore all your data, or when you need to restore the backup on your friend’s computer.

Back Up

The Genie backup manager allows for you to perform increment or full backups, with an option to create backups mirror the source folder. The files deleted from the source folder are also deleted from the backup. It is a valuable backup type, which operates in a similar way to Dropbox or other file syncing services. 

It should be used with caution and the knowledge that it will not let you recover the deleted files. You will also be able to schedule the backups in a flexible and intuitive way. When you are done with creating a backup job, you can reuse or modify it by selecting it from the list in the Backup wizard. You may also modify/edit existing jobs from the main menu of the app.

The software is simple to use, and even beginner, with no prior technical knowledge can easily use this software. Moreover, you also have the option to switch to a much simpler interface, which offers the option to create or run a backup job, or simple restore files. 

If you wish to use your expertise in technical knowledge, you can click on the “More Settings” option in the interface, and set up mail notifications of your backup jobs, or for the errors that pop up and some other expert-level features.

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