How To Start A YouTube Channel & Earn Money Online

Nowadays, people earn money through different ways. There are a number of possibilities and options available for making money. The advanced mobile technologies and mobile applications also help people in earning money.
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Most of the people today use their smartphone and its applications for earning their money. One of the most popular ways of earning money today is starting Youtube channels.

It is a new trend today and most of the young people are starting their own channels and earn money through it. This is not an easy task as it also involves some criteria.

Youtube channels have become a popular way for not only trending videos but also for earning something. However, some people do not know how to start a Youtube channel.

How to start a Youtube channel?

Those who want to upload their videos, comment or make playlists must first make a Youtube channel. Even though you have a Google account, but you need a Youtube channel for these purposes. A user can create a Youtube channel by simply using his/her computer on the Youtube mobile site.

There are two types of Youtube channels which are personal channel and business channel. You can create one required as per your need.

Steps To create a personal Youtube channel
  • Login to Youtube by using the mobile site
  • Then do some actions that require a channel like uploading a video, or post a comment or create a playlist. 
  • If you don’t have any channel prior, use the “Create a Channel” prompt 
  • Then check your details with your Google account name and photo 
  • At last, confirm to create the channel 

Creating a business channel

For this, you can use a brand account created through Gmail.
  • Sign in to Youtube and go to channel list
  • Select “create a new channel”
  • Then create the channel for your brand account by selecting a brand account from the list. 
  • Fill in the details that are asked and check your account
  • After click on “Done”. This will create a new Youtube business channel

How to earn money through Youtube channel?

Here are some ways to earn money with your Youtube channel,

Video Ads

This is the most common thing everyone uses to earn money. For this, you have to enable your channel for monetization. Once you have done this, ads will run on your channel. Youtube connect your channel with paying advertisers. When the users watch this ad, you get paid by these advertisers.

Youtube Red subscription

This is also another way of earning money through your channel. The members of Youtube pay a special fee for getting benefits like watching videos without ads. This can be done with its subscription. Subscribe your channel with Youtube Red subscription.


Connect with some branding and ad agencies that look for promoting their products. Allow them to promote their products through your channel. For this, they will pay you a certain amount.

Make use of some popular brands or merchandisers to promote their services through your channel and this will help you to earn sufficient money through your Youtube channel.


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