Top 5 Best Headphones Under 100 Dollars

If you are planning to buy the best quality headphones for yourself under $100, you have several options open before. $100 is certainly a good amount in which you can easily get the top earphone which has all the features you are looking for.

top 5 best headphones under 100

From wireless ones to the noise cancelation feature, superb sound quality etc you have a number of attributes to consider when buying the headphone for yourself.

It is up to you as what kind of features you want and the price range you are ready to spend. Based on that you can start your search and end up making a choice that is excellent for you.

So if you are ready to spend $100 for the headphones you can easily get some superb options with reputed brands too. Therefore you can have a look at all the options and then decide the ideal device for you.

Keeping in mind the requirements of the users, we have created a list of the top 5 best in ear headphones under 100, that you can pick for yourself. So let us go deep into the topic and learn about the different features or the best things in them.

Mixcder ANC – G5

When it comes to the most popular brands of Mixcder this is the best. Its headphones are not only equipped with superb features but sound quality is just marvellous. Once you try this brand you will surely want to buy its products again and again.

Its products are highly and best designed, this is the reason that more and more people love to buy this brand. Its headphones too are really good in design with the prices being affordable. Its noise cancellation feature is also an attribute that you can grab along with the USB cable through which you can easily listen to music.

The battery backup is good and the design is comfortable enough to wear it for hours. The earphones are light and appealing in design which attracts a lot of people. In all you can say that it is a worth buying model and the best too.


The next brand which is quite famous for its earphones is the Bose. It is one of the top selling brands of all with the products being commendable and packed with high sound quality and superb price. The design is over the ear headphone which makes it easy to wear and is quite comfortable as well.

If you are looking for colours, you have many like black, blue white, red and many more. As per your choice you can prefer whichever colour seems best to you. There are two models available in this brand, one is with mic while the other without it.

Both are good and in your budget so you can pick the most well designed one that comes with a number of features. You can clip it to your shirt or top and enjoy some quality music while working, driving and traveling.

Brainwavz S3 

This is also a decent brand which is liked by the people. If you talk about the renowned brands, this one always makes into the list and that is why has a lot of demand in the market. The design of the headphone is superb and the cable is very soft that does not get entangled.

You can easily carry it in your purse or wallet and enjoy music on the go. The volume button is used to attend the call thus making it easy to listen music and make calls both. The earplugs are slighter larger in size thus offering more sound. Clip option available too.

Fiio EX1

Then you have the Fiio EX1 which has a very solid design. The sound quality that you get through this earphone is just amazing and the overall effect is quite pleasing. The company has made an effort to lower the price and at the same time provide other accessories as well.

When you talk about the budget nothing can beat this model whether it is the features or the price. If you are looking for enhanced sound quality then you have made your choice with the Fiio. It is a good brand and a reliable one too.

Onkyo E700MB/27 

Our last pick is the headphone from Onkyo which is one of the top most brands dealing with the quality headphones. Their main emphasis is on quality and that is why there is no compromise with the same.

If you are just looking for great sound then this can be your choice. The design of the earphones is quite simple and you may not get colours in it. Black is the only shade that you will get in this brand. The high resolution sound is something that will attract you as it is difficult to get such quality earphone at a low price.

The performance is top notch which is definitely impressive. The earbuds are made from aluminium and the twisted design of the cable keeps is free from getting entangled. The control features are good with one button for playing the songs and the same for making and receiving calls. In all a device packed with numerous features.

Here are the top 5 headphones that you can consider when making your choice. All the options are excellent but it is entirely your choice as which one will fit in your needs as well as the budget. You can explore the options open before you, check out the features, the price and compare them.

This will give you an idea as which option is more suitable or will be apt as per your requirements. You can also go online for more information where you can compare the cost and make your choice.

Hope the above information proves beneficial to you and are able to pick at least one of them. If you want to check the reviews you can do so and then see which choice appeals you the most. You will definitely have a good experience and that too in your budget.


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